Berlin Airlift Museum

I have always been a supporter of the Tempelhof airport and never really understood the motive behind closing the airport. I believe a city airport would be good for Berlin. My plan would be the creation of a Berlin Airlift Museum honoring all those involved - from the pilots who flew to those in need who received bitterly needed help. Some of the typical airplanes of that era such as the Douglas DC-3 should be on display. This should look like the public open air display at Warner Robins Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins, Georgia. I believe Tempelhof should stay connected to aviation. I visited the airlift memorial outside of the airport and it looked kind of neglected. The airport was closed and some business was going on. Right now it doesn't look very welcoming. An old airport has a special feel to it and it should be open to the visiting public too.


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